Alisa Marie - Artist Statement


Alisa Marie's artistic process begins with a burst of colorful wax, the foundation for her captivating encaustic paintings. She finds joy in observing the melting and blending of the wax as it transforms into vibrant images on the canvas. Through years of experimentation and exploration, she has acquired knowledge about different types of wax and developed unique techniques to apply it. She particularly enjoys working with thin layers of wax, as it allows her to create new shades of colors and add incredible texture to her artwork.

The desire to inspire and evoke emotional connections is at the core of Alisa's art mission. She aims to bring joy and spark happy memories through her art. Each color she uses holds its energy and purpose, and she has studied them extensively. Alisa believes that colors can set the mood in a space, bringing peace, joy, and serenity to those who admire her artwork.

In addition to her encaustic paintings, Alisa Marie extends her artistic expression to other forms. She creates jewelry pieces that add color and vibrancy to outfits, footwear, and apparel designs that make individuals feel empowered and unstoppable. By offering a range of artistic products, she encourages people to express themselves freely and find inspiration in the colorful world around them.

Her mantra, "Shine your light and color your world, can summarize Alisa's artistic philosophy." Through her art, she aims to spread positivity, encourage self-expression, and brighten the lives of others.