1" diameter bezel with glass dome, with silver chain lobster claw necklace Pink and purple- True Love By Alisa Marie; For Breast Cancer Awareness
True Love Pendant

True Love Pendant

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True Love Fine Art Handcrafted Pendant features shades of pink flowers.

💫™ Shine Your Light and Color Your World with True Love. 

  • The pendant is a silver-plated bezel and glass dome.
  • The necklace has an18" 925 silver chain with lobster clasp and for a Limited Time Only!  Surprise Inspirational Charm
  • Custom handmade packaging for each pendant

⭐Our high quality Alisa's True Colors Pendants are each independently handcrafted, and can take up to 10 business days before shipping will occur.

⚡Bulk orders for special events of 10 or more are available at wholesale prices.

📧Contact Alisastruecolors@gmail.com for more details and to place your order.