"The Grateful Flower" Phone wallet
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"The Grateful Flower" Phone wallet
"The Grateful Flower" Phone wallet

"The Grateful Flower" Phone wallet

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Just a usual Phone Case? No, it's not, look at these awesome Features! 

✔️ Environmentally-friendly

✔️ Leather-like Case Material

✔️ Hybrid Durable Strap

✔️ RFID Protection Material Built-in

✔️ 60+ Models supported 

✔️ 3 Credit Card Slots 

✔️ Cash Pocket

 ➡️Camera Slide Up Access

You don't want to remove your case every time you take pictures, but also want to fully protect your phone camera? Don't worry we got you! With our wallet case, you can easily Slide up your Phone take pictures and slide it back inside the wallet case.

➡️RFID Protection

Don't miss out on RFID Protection! Nowadays, professional thieves are everywhere. Our wallet case makes sure nobody steals your credit card data!

Please allow 2- 3 weeks for shipping.