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Serenity Scarf

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Soft, silky, vibrant scarves with shades of ocean blues, will bring you a calming and relaxing feeling to you.

"Serenity" creates a state of peace and tranquility by soothing your mind and body,  that gives you peace and makes you feel confident and secure. 

Casual to wear everyday or also elegant for a night on the town. You can wrap or tie this scarf any way you want. A great way to accessorize all year long.

Visualize a blue light moving through your body and calming you and creating a sense of peace. Breathe in and out slowly and softly absorbing the color into your body.  Repeat the following affirmations daily.  

  • I am strong
  • My body is healthy 
  • I believe in my dreams 
  • I am at ease 

By repeating these affirmations, you create new healthy thought patterns to assist in your personal growth and wellbeing. 

Activates your confidence and expands your vision.  Helps clear your mind and create order in your life

Great for meditation shawls. Perfect for the beach as a  bathing suit cover up or a sarong. Makes beautiful lingerie.  Add some color in your hair, tie your hair up with the smaller one, or tie on your handbag. Perfect for a pet bandana too. 

"Serenity", encourages you to live life one day at a time. 

Also can be used as beautiful curtains, table cloths and pillow wraps.


  • Infused with Love and Light
  • Translucent 
  • Silky and Soft
  • Chiffon Fabric
  • Exclusive Design is a reproduction of an Original Wax Painting by Alisa Marie 2013
  • Versatile and Bright
  • Airy and Light
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand Wash Only 

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