Namaste Meditation Lamp
Namaste Meditation Lamp

Namaste Meditation Lamp

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Own the most unique statement piece in the room with this rare and beautiful cube lamp. Stack them up, lay them out or hang it up.. Perfect for indoor placement at home, shops, or a lightbox show. Available in 2 sizes, these cube lamps with cool designs are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Will perfectly fit into the interior of any room, wherever it finds its place: whether it is a shelf, table, floor or any other surface in your the room.

 Key features

- Thin, flexible and resilient material
- Super lightweight
- Can sit on any side (excepting the cord side)
- Can be placed on any surface or used as a hanging lamp
- Waterproof surface, easy to clean with water
- Made in Northern Europe
.: Relaxing ambient lighting.
Lightweight material

Includes plug for US (A type) or Europe (C type)
**Does not include a light bulb; please use either LED or CFL bulb (10 W for 11.8" x 11.8" 11.8" or 6W for 7.9" x 7.9" x 7.9" is recommended).**