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Backpack - Angel

Backpack - Angel

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Discover my "Angel" backpack! It's versatile, fashionable, and perfect for your everyday needs. With a generous interior, it comfortably fits your iPad, camera, textbooks, snacks, and more. Plus, its vibrant design adds a cheerful touch to your outfit. Upgrade your style today! Its lightweight body and robust and durable construction ensure all your belongings are secure. Experience a newfound freedom with my "Angel" Backpack!

Product Details:

  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Exclusive Design
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Custom name tag is sewn inside
  • 100% polyester
  • Padded back.
  • 4 Compartments
  • Zipper Closure

Color Guide

Here's a guide that combines the meanings and energetic qualities associated with the different colors of my products. Please enjoy! 

1. Red: Represents energy, passion, and motivation. It can stimulate action, increase vitality, and ignite a sense of power and courage.

2. Orange: Symbolizes creativity, enthusiasm, and joy. It can inspire optimism, boost self-confidence, and encourage social interaction.

3. Yellow: This signifies positivity, intellect, and clarity. It can enhance mental focus, stimulate creativity, and promote happiness and optimism.

4. Green: Represents balance, growth, and harmony. It can promote healing, restore emotional well-being, and foster a sense of renewal and abundance.

5. Blue: Symbolizes calmness, communication, and intuition. It can promote relaxation, improve clarity of thought, and enhance self-expression.

6. Indigo: Signifies spirituality, inner wisdom, and intuition. It can deepen meditation practices, promote spiritual awareness, and heighten intuition and perception.

7. Violet/Purple: Represents spirituality, transformation, and higher consciousness. It can facilitate spiritual growth, enhance intuition, and inspire a sense of magic and mystery.

8. Pink: Symbolizes love, compassion, and emotional healing. It can promote feelings of nurturing, enhance self-love, and foster a sense of emotional well-being.

9. White: Signifies purity, clarity, and spiritual illumination. It can promote a sense of freshness, purify energy, and invite spiritual connection and guidance.

10. Black: Represents protection, grounding, and mystery. It can absorb negative energy, provide stability, and encourage introspection and self-reflection.

*Remember, the energetic qualities and interpretations of colors can vary among different belief systems and practices. This color energy directory provides a general overview, but personal experiences and individual associations with colors may differ. Exploring and connecting with the colors that resonate with you is essential.

Shine your Light and Color your World

With Gratitude, 💜Alisa Marie 


All orders will take approximately 3 - 5 business days to process. Delivery within the United States takes about 7 - 10 business days.


11.81"L x 5.12"W x 18.11"H

Care Instructions

Before cleaning the bag, remove all the items from the bag. Suggested to pretreat visible stains with stain remover. Mix warm water with laundry detergent and clean the bag with washcloth or soft bristle brush. Let the bag air dry.

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