Photos and Testimonials

Hi Alisa -
I love my new “Dancing with Butterflies” Satchel Handbag. The pattern and vibrant colors are gorgeous!! I really like the versatility of being able to use it as a regular handbag or adding a removable shoulder strap when I want a different look. The bag also has several convenient pockets inside to put small personal items. Looking forward to using it especially during the Spring and Summer. Thanks, Alisa
-Mary from, Massachusetts
"Thank you so much Alisa! My new Phone cover arrived (on time again.) In the mail. I absolutely love it! It is so colorful, vibrant and Purple!! Just like I ordered. You are fantastic! Thanks again.💜💛- Sue N, Michigan 
"When I first saw Sunshine, I immediately knew I had to have it! It radiates love and light, the two most precious elements for healing! I feel the wisdom it emits as it connects beautifully with my Solar Plexus Chakra. It has the perfect balance of subtle and bold, enhanced by whatever colors I pair it with. I adore it!" Nanette O'Neal, transformational Story Coach and Author.
“It adds just the right soothing feel to my waiting area. -  Alisa was so helpful to work with. I was looking for just the right piece for my office and then she walked through the door wearing it! With a name like 'Healing Rain' I couldn't pass this piece up. Thank you, Alisa Marie, for your gorgeous art!” - Dr. Frobrese, Maine
Beautiful Mother and daughter Coloring their world in Washington with Purple Storm and Fireflies Boots. 
I received my beautiful Angel weekender bag from Alisa Marie. I love it so much! I used it today to take my crochet project to the Craft Fair today, it is big it fit everything plus stuff i didnt even need!  Thank you Alisa!! - Joyce 
"I look at your work and something in my being loves the colours and transports me to energy and for a few moments away from this body and all its problems. Your work is amazing and inspiring and a therapy in itself , it is different to any energy work Ive experienced with crystals, your colours are something else . I adore that bluish one that looks like rain,  I love them all . Please spread your beautiful work world wide, because if i had my own house i would fill it with your work so so so beautiful!  I  want you to get your dreams you so deserve it xx"- Nicola
"My goodness Alisa! Your Sea Glass necklace is so beautiful. Thank you so much!! It's stunning! It was perfect in it's arrival and I truly appreciate the "Warrior" badge, it's the one I would have chosen that one if I had had to, and decision-making is a tough thing for me to do! Our minds are somehow tied together, Sis-tah, and I'm honored by that, I will wear this necklace proudly and show it off to the boutiques in town here, starting with the "Little Piece of my Heart!" Peace & hugs & much gratitude,".
"I’m BEYOND ecstatic about my new purchase!!! Not only is this design on the back of my book, Electric Pain, but it’s now on my feet! I’m so thankful to have met Alisa and to get to show off her masterpiece on my feet and on my book. These shoes are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn... deff buying another design. I wear them every single day. Get yourself a pair ASAP!" -Kiara C.
"Alisa Marie I can not thank you enough for my pendant. Whenever I feel I don't make a difference I will hold this even tighter knowing that I have. I wish you luck and peace happiness and love because you so deserve it and more. Thank you for turning my day around and giving me something to believe in it is truly beautiful and I will wear it with pride. 
"I usually only wear a gold cross, but I fell in love with the piece Starry Night. It's perfect with jeans to my little black dress! Simple and beautiful! It will be my go to piece from now on!" 
 "This Breast Cancer Pendant is so beautifully made and purchased for friends of mine who ate breast cancer survivors and they Love 💗 it!!! The artist Alisa is my Niece and she does beautiful work!!!"- Patty C
My Favorite Things -Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia Awareness Pendant
"On the left is "Cosmic Energy"on the right is "Wisdom". I'm wearing at least one of these everyday. Very rarely you will see me without them. They bring me so much postive energy into life. Thank you." -Crystal

 "Serenity I wear this to remind me why I quit drinking. Thank you for the pendant."- Paul

Received this beautiful scarf that I ordered. The design is True Love Espaces. Its absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Alisa Marie. Alisa's True Colors! I love it.- Jennifer Nice, Texas 

"Life is to short not to appreciate things in life and not to let people know how they effected them..the old me would have been to scared it cared to much what others thought of my work new me nooo..but the idea the courage inspiration you and your work has given me..besides just is beautiful and makes me happy to look at When I scroll and your posts uplifting I just wanted you to know that you are makeing a difference and and setting a huge positive example ..thank you so much son is my everything so to do this for him ..and for my self is beyond amazing and healing . And I thank you !!As I said your work touched my soul" - Jolene, NJ


This Merchandise Rocks! I purchased E'Scapa's ... Serenity, Baby you're a Firework, Believe and Battle Scars of a Warrior & Serenity and perhaps another .. Have gotten matching totes or phone holders or pins, pendants. Lots of items, because I love the vibrant colors and ability to have matching products for that put together look! Fantastic gifts too. Valentine's Coming & heart jewelry :) Any occasion though .. Got Mom a set for Mother's Day or her Birthday. Beautiful, well made, quality merchandise. Extra special if you or lady loved one is related to one of the "causes" or just a lover of bling things & colors that pop! I applaud Alisa for her talent and business model, for a woman with plenty of challenges of her own".. - Kim, Nebraska

"I have been personally totally and completely disabled my a traumatic brain injury on 12/23/04 . It's been a difficult journey, to say the least.  Alisa is a complete Goddess. She's working through her own TBI with compassion and care to deliver this to us.  To quote Alisa and her own struggle "All of the pain and struggles you have suffered and endured has made you stronger, wiser, gave you wisdom to know right from wrong.  Her struggles have led her to inspire others and her creations are gorgeous! Alyssa sent me a handwritten note: Jennifer, Never give up, always believe in your dreams ...Alisa I ordered the Serenity (Brain Injury) necklace and the same cause in a wrap (Escapa). Her pieces are quality! I know. I worked at Nordstrom for 12 years. I'm so proud of Alisa. These gifts made me feel empowered and special. She adds that special touch. I know how hard it must be for her to do this. And I fully support her. are changing lives!" - Jennifer, Washington

"Truly awe-inspiring designs transformed into beautiful accessories that appeal to every taste that one can imagine. Choose a design and start your own collection with your friends & family" -Don, Texas

"I heard about Alisa's amazing talent and mission in honoring others who have hidden battle scars, as many of us do. I ordered the Purple Storm abuse awareness heart necklace and love it. I've had many compliments and questions as to where I got it, so I've been happy to share that info and what my necklace stands for. I'm so happy with my necklace that I've ordered her phone wallet and soon ordering the key-chain. These and other beautiful items she has will make beautiful gifts for friends & family who have been through a lot, or to remember someone special". Thank you, Alisa... Loraina , New Hampshire

 "Alisa creates amazing, beautiful, and therapeutic artwork that brings awareness to chronic disease and chronic pain. Her products have helped me know that I am not alone in my battle and has helped open conversations of awareness. I highly recommend Alisa's products to everyone!" - Nessa, Utah

"Alisa's true colors, has an amazing story, of determination and inspiring strength. Alisa’s heart and strength show in her breath-taking artwork. Her heart felt mission Bringing Awareness and Education to others about the invisible battle scars we carry. Has inspired me. I'm ex-military and have watched to many vets die after they come home due to PTSD. I have battle scars of a warrior military pendent for suicide awareness. So i don't forgot the battle that goes on after they come home and in remembrance of those who aren't here anymore. thank you, Alisa, for doing what you do." - Paul, New Hampshire

"Love that you support the MS world. The Tears of Fire phone case i bought a while back gets so many compliments. Yes, it opens the door the realize even tho i look fine on the outside, this is my inside looks like with MS. Thank you for helping us by donating a portion and by never stop encourage us to create. God bless you and your business." - Kris, Arkansas

 "I found Alisa's page when I first started going thru my own brain battle ..her work is beyond amazing and inspirational .even before I owned a piece her work her art and story inspired me to do things with my art to help support myself and my son. But I was recently gifted a beautiful pendant ..brain battle battle of Barrington collection ..words cannot describe how beautiful it is ,how amazing and special it makes me feel to wear it ..and the strength and courage poured Into her design is now strength and courage I wear around my neck that reminds me I am unstoppable I am a warrior and I will never give up. I feel so honored to own and wear this amazing pendant what it represents, to help raise awareness and to remind myself of all I have overcome and will overcome. I had two pieces of jewelry that meant the world to me that I don't leave home without rings from my grandmothers ...but now I have three ..her work is amazing's beautiful unique .. the spirit the love and strength that go into every beyond amazing i would recommend to anyone ...and have"- Jolene

"Got my beautiful phone case today, an extra bonus it has RFID Protection! Ty TY Ty" - Terry, California

"LOVE my Healing Rain Escapa and my Serenity Tote! I’d post a pic but am feeling camera-shy at the moment. They are well made and look beautiful. My 8-year-old is jealous and so now we’re shopping again to let her pick out her favorite. I love Alisa’s work and am deeply grateful for her advocacy efforts"-Aimee, Washington

"I love my scarfs and necklace and especially my phone case! Great quality and great art.....and a dynamo of an artist with quite the story." - Dr. Millar, Illinois

"I bought several items on from Alisa for friends who have various True Colors. I wanted them to be able to wear something that would allow them to open conversations with others about their hidden battle scars. My friends were very pleased with their gifts. I think Alisa Marie's art is beautiful and a wonderful discussion opener. Alisa does a great job with shipping and with communicating about her products. I highly recommend buying from her. – Lisa, Arizona

"I purchased and received a Hope Survives E'scapa; Beautiful! I’m going to display mine on a wall; piece of art! This holds much meaning for me! Alisa’s creative endeavors are so inspiring." - Isabella, Maryland

"I just purchased two of the accessory pouches and they are stunning! One is for a present and one for me. I chose the “Grateful flowah” and it’s a great size, nice and big and able fit lots inside. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful, I would definitely recommend Alisa’s True Colors to everyone!" - Stephanie, Pennsylvania

"Love my healing rain accessory pouch! Seeing them all in person made it so difficult to choose which one to take home. Quality piece with such vibrant colors. Love it!" - Dr. Arnold, New Hampshire

"I just received my HOPE SURVIVES phone case /wallet and I love it! The artwork is bright and vibrant. Nothing negative to say, and I have already sent friends to the website. My phone case is beautiful! thank you for sharing your art!" - Alice, Massachusetts

"I love my scarves. Alisa even sent me a pin and necklace free that matched my scarves. Alisa is so open and caring to anyone that comes into her life. She takes such pride in making quality items to help people with illnesses and other ailments feel better about themselves. Buy her products, you will have a piece of art and a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.” Jmarie, Wisconsin

"My boots arrived yesterday. I tried them on, and they feel great. They look awesome too! They look fantastic!" - Sue, Michigan

"I'm completely in love!!! The quality is so exquisite, and the design is so meaningful to me, especially knowing that I'm not the only one bearing that invisible battle scar. I can't wait to add more to my personal collection. Thank you!"- Nessa, Utah

"Absolutely Gorgeous I love my new E’scapa! Everything I receive from Alisa's True Colors is always so beautiful! " - Joyce, Wisconsin

"I Love everything about this mug. The art is unique and beautiful. Hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cool. The lid seals tight and no spills when the mug tips over. These mugs are awesome, I would buy again." -Lisa, Florida

"I love Alisa’s art but this bag just knocks it out of the park. I use it weekly to carry my “creature comforts” and extra paper copies to the state Capital to lobby on disability rights issues in my state. It’s also a great conversation starter for the issues I care about! It’s the perfect size for my paper stuff and flexible enough to carry the snacks for the day. Well made. LOVE IT." -Aimee, Washington

"This pendant is everything I expected. I have allergies to certain metals. This product is lead free. After suffering a disabling Traumatic Brain Injury. I'm almost 14 years out. This is why I chose Serenity over Brain Battle.  Alisa has been through so very much. And she inspires you to keep going with your path. I get so many compliments on this necklace. And I know how much Alisa's heart is in this. Check out my review on the Serenity Escapa. This gorgeous Scarf/Shawl is everything. I'm glad I bought both the pendant and the Escapa. And Alisa is a true inspiration. With her own TBI. I don't know how she does it all. But what an amazing inspiration!" -Jennifer, Washington

"I just have to say how much I’m loving my escapa. It’s been about a year now and I still love it as much as when I first opened the box! The colors are still bright and beautiful. Still drapes perfect. And I still have the cozy loving feeling I had the first time, and every time I wrap it around me. The quality is excellent! And I have plans to get a whole set of Alisa’s “Toxic”. Just love everything she makes!"- Joyce, Wisconsin

"I get lots of compliments when I wear this." - Dr. Millar, Illinois

"I’m really an introvert, but when I need to play an extrovert, I bring this! It has never failed to start a conversation that I can predict and that lets me ease into comfort around other people. As a brain injury survivor, that’s a pretty big deal.  It has NEVER failed! The compliments pour in and then I get to talk about the story of where I got it and why they should, too! Everybody loves this thing." - Aimee, Washington

"I received the serenity pendant it is so beautiful, and it shines so bright. It’s perfect." -Natasha, Canada 

 "This Escapa is very special to me! The meaning of this piece is very personal, and I adore Alisa for putting those feelings on a garment that you can wear. I am so proud to own not one but two of her Escapa’s. And I will be purchasing a another soon. The quality of fabric is excellent, and it washes and wears beautifully! They will bring bright and bold colors to all your outfits! is a very professional and caring business. Alisa’s will work with you till you have exactly what you want. It’s a unique gift that shows awareness and the love of the human spirit! I’m very proud to be a customer!" -Joyce, Wisconsin

"This is a beautiful E’Scapa. Your art is so beautiful. I love it." - Lisa, Florida

“Love my healing rain accessory pouch! Seeing them all in person at one of the artist’s shows made it so difficult to choose which one to take home. Quality piece with such vibrant colors. Love it!” -Colene, New Hampshire

“The colors on these pouches are amazing! I love how much it holds; the quality is excellent. I am very impressed with how Alissa handles transactions (how quickly my order was processed) and the meaning behind all her creations. Was shipped within hours of purchase.  I will definitely order from here again. -Stephanie, Pennsylvania

“Ordered 2 different designs and both are beautiful. Great quality, size and vibrant colors. Bought one for a gift I’m sure she will be thrilled as well. I would buy again. Thank you.” -Deborah, Indianapolis

“Looks new a year later. I love the protection this gives my phone, plus keeps track of some cards and cash. Versatile and durable and supports a cause I believe in....and helps support an amazing artist. Great purchase! And it is pretty.” - Dr. Millar, Illinois

“Just got my new Beautiful phone case,, I have EMF sensitivities and this case has RFID Protection,, shipping was fast and I had updates even text to me,, Definitely buying from again,, Great Seller with absolutely beautiful items,, More coming for me,, TY TY Alisa” - Terry, California

“Have you ever just touched something, and you felt that it was meant for you?  That’s how I felt when I opened my package from Alisa’s True Colors Scarves. If you haven’t met this woman you need to. I’m very careful when I endorse items, but this small business has me at 100%. She has scarves, and jewelry to match your scarf. Phone wallets, tote bags, and so much more! Alisa Marie takes the time to make you a scarf that’s going to say I’m here, I’m a warrior and I’m going to blast this world with my knowledge, love, and my True Colors. My story with my new scarves has just started. I see a bright colorful world ahead of me. I feel Alisa’s strength, her love and her pain all at once when I wrap this scarf around me. Instead of feeling sad, it gives me the power to conquer my day. To do what needs to be done! My scarves each have special meaning and I can feel the healing energy and the love from theses scarves. She has managed to touch everyone that wears her scarves with inner peace and a “I can do it attitude”. Check her out at She has great products, service, prices and will bust her butt to make you so proud to wear one of her scarves. Get yourself one of the beautiful scarves and see how it brightens your day.” - Joyce, Wisconsin

“I love them!  My scarfs are vibrant and beautiful. The quality is wonderful, and the scarfs are extremely versatile. You can wear them as head wraps, capes, hip huggers and neck scarves to name a few”. - Delores, Virginia

“I ordered Aloha and Hope Survives Accessory bags for my daughter’s wedding for her brides maids, they were beautiful and everyone loved them, your work is amazing”. -Sue Nowak, Michigan

I have the great pleasure of calling Alisa a dear friend. Sadly, from being a survivor sista.The personalized gift idea for awareness is brilliant. - Tracey, New Hampshire

“Got the Purple Storm pendant!! It’s beautiful and Mom loves it! - Ronald, Pennsylvania

Amazing Artist! Alisa is truly an amazing artist with the Empathy of One Thousand Stars for our Disability Community. She is so creative and smart I have no doubt her reality of business success is unfolding before our eyes. What grace to witness this!!! - Monica, New Hampshire

“They are more beautiful than I even expected and great quality. I recently Purchased A Serenity Tote, Pouch, Serenity Pendant and a Pendant.  I can't wait to use them. I would highly recommend buying her products as they are beautiful & unique pieces.” -Marcia, Florida

"Alisa is a multi-medium visual artist who creates amazing images with multi-dimensional elements created using crayon wax. Her work, full of bursting color, evocative shapes and dimensions causes reaction in the viewer, viewing her work is truly an experience." - Alan Wilbar

"Alisa of Alisa's True Colors is an inspiration to our community. Through her deep passion to create not only art, but a thriving business, she also spreads awareness and hope to others who may feel challenged by health limitations. Alisa exudes the message fiercely and courageously, that all things are possible!" ~ Dianne Chalifour, Earth Harmony and Wellness

"Alisa Marie is a true survivor. She has overcome many obstacles in her life but her biggest desire is that YOU overcome yours. Alisa has begun her own business as a designer. She works very hard, but her greatness really comes from wanting everyone else to succeed. Her heart is bigger than her designs. CHEERS ALISA!" - Ruth Bleau, Blue Moon Designs-NH

Hello Alisa. I received your pendant and it's gorgeous! I love the hues of the pinks and the setting of the silver off-sets it beautifully. Again, thank you.- Ginny 

Alisa, Your products are a beauty But Most of all Your heart, Your soul and the model you set for people are extraordinary! - Lora