Absolutely Gorgeous! 

Joyce Siesen, Wisconsin 

Absolutely Gorgeous I love my new Toxic E’scapa! Everything I receive from Alisa's True Colors is always so beautiful!  


I Love everything about this mug. The art is unique and beautiful. Hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cool. The lid seals tight and no spills when the mug tips over. These mugs are awesome, I would buy again.

Awesome Travel Mug

I bought a set of these mugs, I really love them, the artwork on them is beautiful. I also love the way they are spill proof. Thank you Alisa for mugs and raising awareness.

BOLD and Pretty!

very cool, great quality! cant wait to gift it! And buy more!

Perfect size

I love Alisa’s art but this bag just knocks it out of the park. I use it weekly to carry my “creature comforts” and extra paper copies to the state Capital to lobby on disability rights issues in my state. It’s also a great conversation starter for the issues I care about! It’s the perfect size for my paper stuff and flexible enough to carry the snacks for the day. Well made. LOVE IT.

5 Stars! A brilliant piece!

I bought about 5 of these necklaces because I loved the color of them and knew the money would be going to a good cause. My Sorority Sisters love these too. I bought 5 of them because I figured there were at least 4 sisters that I could share them with.


Hey I received the serenity pendant it is soo beautiful and it shines so bright. Its perfect. 

So many compliments!

This pendant is everything I expected. I have allergies to certain metals. This product is lead free. After suffering a disabling Traumatic Brain Injury. I'm almost 14 years out. This is why I chose Serenity over Brain Battle. 
Alisa has been through so very much. And she inspires you to keep going with your path. I get so many compliments on this necklace. And I know how much Alisa's heart is in this. Check out my review on the Serenity Escapa. This gorgeous Scarf/Shawl is everything. I'm glad I bought both the pendant and the Escapa. And Alisa is a true inspiration. With her own TBI. I don't know how she does it all. But what an amazing inspiration!

Love, Love, Love!!!

I just have to say how much I’m loving my escapa. It’s been about a year now and I still love it as much as when I first opened up the box!
The colors are still bright and beautiful. Still drapes perfect. And I still have the cozy loving feeling I had the first time, and every time I wrap it around me. The quality is excellent! And I have plans to get a whole set of Alisa’s “Toxic”. Just love everything she makes!


I get lots of compliments when I wear this....and I love the conversation it starts about the benefits of medical cannabis.


I’m really an introvert, but when I need to play an extrovert, I bring this! It has never failed to start a conversation that I can predict and that let’s me ease into comfort around other people. As a brain injury survivor, that’s a pretty big deal. 

It has NEVER failed! The compliments pour in and then I get to talk about the story of where I got it and why they should, too! Everybody loves this thing.

Love the design.

This Escapa is very special to me! The meaning of this piece is very personal and I adore Alisa for putting those feelings on a garment that you can wear. I am so proud to own not one but two of her Escapa’s. And I will be purchasing a another soon. The quality of fabric is excellent and it washes and wears beautifully! They will bring bright and bold colors to all your outfits! Alisastruecolors.com is a very professional and caring business. Alisa’s will work with you till you have exactly what you want. It’s a unique gift that shows awareness and the love of the human spirit! I’m very proud to be a customer!

Love it!

Dramatic, colorful and great fabric....


I have been personally totally and completely disabled my a traumatic brain injury on 12/23/04 
It's been a difficult journey, to say the least. 
Alyssa is a complete Goddess. She's working through her own TBI with compassion and care to deliver this to us. 
To quote Alisa and her own struggle "All of the pain and struggles you have suffered and endured has made you stronger, wiser, gave you wisdom to know right from wrong. 
Her struggles have led her to inspire others and her creations are gorgeous!
Alyssa sent me a handwritten note:
Never give up, always believe in your dreams ...Alisa 
I ordered the Serenity (Brain Injury) necklace and the same cause in a wrap (Escapa)
Her pieces are quality! I know. I worked at Nordstrom for 12 years. I'm so proud of Alisa. These gifts made me feel empowered and special. She adds that special touch. I know how hard it must be for her to do this. And I fully support her. Alisa....you are changing lives!

This is a beautiful E’Scapa. Your art is so beautiful. I love it.

Healing Rain Accessory Pouch

Love my healing rain accessory pouch! Seeing them all in person at one of the artist’s shows made it so difficult to choose which one to take home. Quality piece with such vibrant colors. Love it!


The colors on this pouch are amazing! I love how much it holds, the quality is excellent. I am very impressed with how Alissa handles transactions (how quickly my order was processed) and the meaning behind all of her creations. I will definitely order from here again

Stunning pouch

I absolutely love these pouches! The colors are truly stunning, the pouch is large and holds tons and it was shipped within hours of purchase. I will definitely be ordering from Alissa again!

Beautiful Pouches

Ordered 2 different designs and both are beautiful. Great quality, size and vibrant colors. Bought one for a gift I’m sure she will be thrilled as well. I would buy again. Thank you.

Looks new a year later!

I love the protection this gives my phone, plus keeps track of some cards and cash. Versatile and durable and supports a cause I believe in....and helps support an amazing artist. Great purchase! And it is pretty.

Beautiful phone Case

Just got my new Beautiful phone case,, I have EMF sensitivities and this case has RFID Protection,, shipping was fast and I had updates even text to me,, Definitely buying from again,, Great Seller with absolutely beautiful items,, More coming for me,, TY TY Alisa ❤️

You will be amazed!❤️🌸🌺🌻💜- Joyce Siesen , Wisconsin 
Have you ever just touched something and you felt that it was meant for you. 

That’s how I felt when I opened my package from Alisa’s True Colors Scarves.
If you haven’t met this woman you need to.
I’m very careful when I endorse items but this small business has me at 100%.
She has scarves, jewelry ( earrings, rings, pins and beautiful pendants) to match your scarf.
Phone wallets, tote bags, and so much more!
Alisa Marie takes the time to make you a scarf that’s going to say I’m here, I’m a warrior and I’m going to blast this world with my knowledge, love, and my True Colors.
My story with my new scarves has just started.
I see a bright colorful world ahead of me.
I feel Alisa’s strength , her love and her pain all at once when I wrap this scarf around me.
Instead of feeling sad, it gives me the power to conquer my day.
To do what needs to be done!
My scarves each have special meaning and I can feel the healing energy and the love from theses scarves.
She has managed to touch everyone that wears her scarves with inner peace and a “I can do it attitude”.
Check her out at alisastruecolors.com
She has great products, service, prices and will bust her butt to make you so proud to wear one of her scarves.
Get yourself one of the beautiful scarves and see how it brightens your day.

I love them!- Delores O'Neil, Virginia

My scarfs came, detox and tears of fire. They are vibrant and beautiful. The quality is wonderful and the scarfs are extremely versatile. You can wear them as head wraps, capes, hip huggers and neck scarves to name a few.

Honestly, the photos do not do it justice.   Ginny Petersen, California 

I just opened my gift of the Aloha pendent from Alisa's True Colors. The pinks do remind me of a tropical hibiscus and the setting of the silver off-sets it beautifully. What a talent! Again, thank you.

Purple Storm. Ronald Kratz, Pennsylvania

Got the purple pendant!! Its beautiful and Mom loves it!

BeautifulSue Nowak

I have only known Alisa Marie for 5 years online as a Facebook Friend. We have both struggled with traumatic brain injury. She is trying to overcome her brain injury through her own artwork. If you can help in any way I do encourage you to do so. I was nervous about sending my hard earned money through pay pal to her but it all worked out. I am proud to call you my friend. May this venture prove to be very successful to you.

Her art is so beautiful. Tracy DSteph, Petersborugh NH

I have the great pleasure of calling her a dear friend. Sadly from being a survivor sista. (Brain injury and toxic black mold) And the personalized gift idea for certain disease/illness awareness is brilliant.

Amazing Artist! Monica Nagle, Dover NH

Alisa is truly an amazing artist with the Empathy of One Thousand Stars for our Disability Community. I'm really looking forward to continue helping her actualize her dream... She is so creative and smart I have no doubt her reality of business success is unfolding before our eyes. What grace to witness this!!!

 They are more beautiful than I even expected and great quality. Marcia Sabol, Florida

I recently Purchased A Serenity Tote, Pouch, Pendant and a Toxic Pendant.  I can't wait to use them. I would highly recommend buying her products as they are beautiful & unique pieces. 

Thank you SO much!! - Hildi Lou, Kentucky

I haven't carried a purse in so many years. But then I saw this and HAD to have it!! Not only is it from my friend Alisa Marie (who is an incredible artist), but it represents the "explosion" that I suffered from after being injected with MRI contrast!! Sadly Alisa is also a victim of Gadolinium poisoning. Her original art work, is designed by melting crayola crayons, on canvas. Anyone who truly knows me, knows I LOVE color! So this tote is exploding with lots of wonderful colors! A positive vibe, from a commonly shared tragedy. 
Absolutely LOVE my tote bag and even more so, what it represents!! My husband loves it too!! 

 It adds just the right soothing feel to my waiting area.-  Dr. Jackie Frobese, Eliot Maine

Alisa was so helpful to work with. I was looking for just the right piece for my office and then she walked through the door wearing it! With a name like 'Healing Rain' I couldn't pass this piece up. Thank you Alisa Marie for your gorgeous art!