Alisa's True Colors Vision

I created Alisa's True Colors in 2018 with a vision to raise awareness and educate the public about different disabilities, illnesses and causes that I am very passionate about, my true colors with one of them being a brain injury. I am a survivor of many colors like many of us are.

I hope people see my art and products as a message of hope, faith, and love. I want to help people find the strength and courage to overcome the battles they endure in this lifetime and to never give up no matter how dark it gets.

Disabilities and trauma in our life put us in the dark and all we can see sometimes is black but with colors surrounding us it can be joyful and bright. We all start out joyful in life, but as we get older and go through life we experience sickness, trauma, grief, judgement and we lose our colors, we lose our identity.

My jewelry and fashion accessories are a way for people to make a fashion statement and at the same time educate others and raise awareness.
I have taken some of my paintings since 2013 and have designed them into jewelry and fashion accessories to turn their invisible battle scars into something beautiful to wear and open the door for conversation so others are not alone. And to start educating the public about the battles we endure each day.

My art is a sign of life and energy and is healing to look at it, it brings people happiness. I want others to know your disability can become your ability to create a new you.
Out of the darkness came my true colors to share them all with you, and to help you all find yours.

Thank you for your support

Alisa Marie
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