Alisa Marie - Artist Statement

My paintings begin as a burst of color. I place each color intuitively on the canvas, one at a time, trusting the creative process until I feel it's done. I enjoy layering the wax and watching it move and form images. I do not plan my paintings; I let them evolve as they will; with each color and movement, I get a sense of what to do next. Each piece shines and smiles with color and texture. I love the way the wax melts and flows and blends.

As I developed my techniques, I gained knowledge and understanding of different types of wax and unique ways to apply it. I love to blend the wax in layers to create shades of colors. Most of my work is on stretched canvas. I like the way the wax flows on the canvas. 

Through the years, I have studied colors, and each one has a meaning and purpose. I have found that there's a reason why you are drawn to specific colors. They can set the mood for a space and bring peace, joy, and serenity to the person admiring it.

My mission is simple; I want people to smile. I want people to feel free to express themselves, whether it's my artwork to add happiness to their space, a piece of jewelry that adds a splash of color to an outfit, or colorful footwear and apparel that makes them feel unstoppable.

“Shine your light and color your world.”

- Alisa Marie