Alisa' s True Colors Designs 2013 - 2020

1-The Melting Began Designs 2013-2014

“Purple Storm”-Abuse, “Serenity”-  The Serenity Prayer, “Aloha”- Breast Cancer,” Believe”- Never stop believing, “Lost Emotions”- Eating Disorders, “Tears of Fire”- Multiple Sclerosis

My life was melting and like Dorothy, I was off on a journey & instead of meeting the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, & the Cowardly Lion, I got to meet multiple concussions, impending divorce, & loss of close family and friends.

Then, instead of finding the wizard, I found me. Rather than melting myself, I began melting Crayola crayons when my younger daughter, showed me how to apply wax to canvas using a blow dryer & a fork.

This was all I could focus on for a while, helping me as art therapy; where I could take physical & emotional pain & turn it into something colorful & bright. I didn’t know it than, but the seeds of Alisa's True Colors were being planted to help me learn & adapt to the new me. I was creating my ability out of my disability.

 2- The Battle of Barrington Designs  2015-2016

“Toxic”-Neurotoxicity”, “Brain Battle”- Traumatic Brain Injury,

January 2015 I just had bought my first home. That same month I had another MRI with contrast to find out what was causing my Neuropathy.

Two months later I was DX with Viral Meningitis and lost the use of my legs, causing me to be bound to a wheelchair. Doctors had no answers. The next 18 months I had 3 one-month long stays at a rehab facility.

I was misdiagnosed, misplaced, mislabeled, and fell through the cracks in the medical community.

That December a home movie screen tore loose from the ceiling and fell on me causing yet another concussion. In August 2016 after spotting a leak in my new home I had to call a contractor. While fixing it noticed mold in the walls, after testing it came back toxic mold.

I did not know it then, but my puzzles pieces of my health were finally coming together. Which had caused a toxic explosion in my life.

My True Colors Poem was born June 16,2016 through this battle.

With doctors’ orders to vacate my home in November 2016. I lost my home and all my belongings in it. It truly was the Battle of Barrington.  

3- The Grind Designs January- May 2017

“Battle of Detox”- Any kind of Detox, “Fusion” - Lupus

Escaping the battleground, I thought I would have some peace for a while. Preparing for the Learning Man Project; a multimedia play about brain injury & recovery by Alan Wilbar, where some of my prints were digitally projected as backdrops. I also volunteered to design the True Colors Survivor Art Gallery, displaying art from disabled artists worldwide. 

In April I was gathering some paintings for a preview of display for the May Dover Art Walk when I slipped on unseen broken glass on the concrete floor causing yet another severe concussion, my life changing once again.

Then, at the only the beginning of my recovery journey, pigeons visited my window left a gift of bird mites, taking away this home from myself and my daughter. Luckily it was only a short grind.

4-Out of Darkness Designs -June 2017

“Battle Scars of a Warrior”- Suicide Prevention, “Baby you’re a Firework”-You are Enough, “The Grateful Flowah”-Say Yes to Medical Cannabis, Say No to Big Pharmaceutical Drugs, Hope Survives”- Cancer, “True Colors Blooms”- Autism,“Beautiful Disaster”

All of these paintings were created in 2 weeks, when I started my journey out of the darkness homeless on a friend’s couch, driving me into one of the most prolific periods of my life.

When you look at these images I melted they look like celebration fireworks, even though I was at rock bottom in my life. But of this darkness, I began to see the light as my “True Colors’ began to burst on the canvas.

My most powerful piece in this series is" Battle Scars of A Warrior", as I cut the canvas that day instead of myself.  We need to always hold on to hope in the dark times and never give up the fight.


5- True Colors Blooms Designs- July-August 2017

“Purple Evolution” -Women’s Empowerment, “Healing Rain”- Depression & Anxiety, "Freedom" - Recovery, “My Favorite things”-Alzheimer’s Disease”, “Purple Roses” - Fibromyalgia, "Blue Roses"- Diabetes

With my younger daughter blossoming into adulthood, I was able to display all the paintings completed since 2013, creating a rainbow gallery on my walls.

Looking at the 60 plus paintings I could see the colors of my life and how they were melting together through heated toxic moments and events.

Expressing my emotion, pain, frustration, grief, toxins racing through my body pushing me back into a wheelchair from time to time allowed me to feel confident enough to share these glimpses into my life’s struggles.

The response has been overwhelming, and the true energy returned has allowed me to realize my artistic identity despite my disabilities. Now I can share them all with you.


6-True Colors Awakens Designs September - October 2017

My True Colors”-Be Your Own Hero, "True Colors Chakras"-"Cosmic Energy", "Wisdom", "Express Yourself", "Courage", "Love", "Confidence", "Survivor"

In October 2017 I had my very last MRI with contrast dye I will ever have in my life, My life has been changed forever because of MRI Contrast Dye I have had through the years. Contrast Dye is not just a dye like i thought, or my family at the time.  Its called Gadolinium its number 64 on the periodic table.

The dye they use is a toxic heavy metal that you get injected with and are told it leaves your body in 48 hours.  In December 2017 tests confirmed that I retained the gadolinium.   And its still in my blood when I was tested in 2019. 

I have been getting contrast since 1999, I put my puzzle pieces together when I saw Gena Norris's Story in November 2017. I have been misdiagnosed, and misplaced. Been through hell in the medical community.  

Ironically this month I debuted my paintings at Sole City Dance in Somersworth NH and have been installed at The Inner Balance Pelvic Health & Wellness Center in Newington, NH.  Then in November my paintings and products were displayed at the Concussion Symposium at Wentworth Douglas Hospital in Dover NH.

I have learned we don’t need a superhero to save us, or make us happy.  We need to be our own hero and happiness comes from self love and self care. We also need to be our own advocate in the medical community. We can never stop seeking the answers or asking the questions why. 

We need to not be afraid to chase after our dreams.  And if one door closes keep looking for the open ones. We only live once this is not a dress rehearsal. 

I am learning happiness, calmness and patience. I am accepting the new me and learning new ways to adapt with my limitations.  I have let go of the past and my old ways of thinking of what I believed of myself.

I have gained wisdom, knowledge, self-confidence, and courage to look fear in the eyes, to truly know what it means to be a survivor, fighter, and to not give up; no matter how dark my world gets. I have learned to raise awareness and not be afraid to speak the truth in the medical community. 

I want to awaken others to their true colors by helping them accept their new life after trauma. To help them heal through art.


7.- True Colors Galaxy Designs 2019

Starry Night, In the Beginning,  Jacob's Light, Cosmic Candy, Eternity.

8. - New Beginnings Designs 2019- 2020 

Color my World, True Love, Passion Ignites, Unforgettable, Sea of Love, Amethyst Dreams, Love me Tender, Moonstruck, Amore

9.- Nineteen Designs 2020

All made during the Pandemic. 

Captivating,  Nineteen, Bee-Lieve, Dancing with Butterflies, Dance in the Rainforest, Hawaiian Ice, Afterglow, Cotton Candy Skies, Sweet Dreams, Circle of Life, Knocking on Heavens Door 

10. The Sea Designs 2020

Namaste, Seaglass