Meet the Artist


Hello! I am Alisa Marie

I am an Intuitive Wax Artist and Designer and I have been painting with Wax since 2013.  I use vivid, vibrant colors to bring healing, energy, happiness and joy.  Art is a form of meditation for me. I love the way the wax melts and flows across the canvas, it is very relaxing to work with. I'm often asked how I come up with the design or pick my colors. It starts with my emotions or someone's story. I never know what's going to come out on the canvas, I just follow where the wax is leading, picking colors that I'm drawn to at that moment, and putting them where I feel they need to be, adding and blending colors on the canvas till I feel it's done. Sometimes this takes me 45min, and sometimes days.  

May you find yourself lost in child-like wonder searching for hidden pictures you see in my art.  What do you see? What colors speak to you? 

The inspiration for my multi-faceted brand happened by chance years ago, when my daughter shared with me her new art therapy project, which required us to melt crayons. At the time, I was going through life changing events and learning how to navigate my life with a TBI. With every challenge that life has given me. I have found the strength to overcome it.  Through the years I had to overcome many health challenges, eventually I was diagnosed with Lupus. The daily struggles I endure don't stop me from slowing down, my art creates purposeful joy in my life. To bring light in the darkness… but not just light. Joyful, Vibrant, Healing Colors! 

It only became natural that Crayons became my creative passion, my peace, and my therapy. Since that day, I work exclusively with colored wax medium, however, my designs can be adorned in multiple healing and fashionable ways. 

The heart and soul of my business is around helping, connecting, and healing with others. 

When my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer , this is when I knew my art had a purpose and I had a mission to help others with healing, self-expression, hope and inspiration. Our customers find they create gentle conversation starters about hard topics.  Every single design created is one-of-a-kind made with loving energy specific to you wherever you are on your journey. Our customers over the years have become a testament to how impactful it is to live your life with color. 

My hope is that my art inspires YOU! So you can carry on with your journey and experiences with more confidence, empowerment, and most importantly, hope. 

⭐️  May you gain peace knowing that you are not alone in your circumstance.

⭐️  May you wear our apparel and journey with pride knowing that you are choosing to shine that day when it can be so easy to dim.

⭐️  May you use our healing chakras to clear energy that holds heavy on your soul.

⭐️  May you find yourself lost in child-like wonder searching for hidden pictures you see in my art.

There is something that is so energetically charging about awakening your inner child. Playing, being playful, familiar color crayons, organic designs and movements- all of these magical pieces working together creates a curious invincibility. 

My mission is to help you shine your light and add color to your world. 

Thank you for supporting our small business!


™ Shine your Light and Color your World

"You are more than a Survivor you are an Overcomer" -  ©  2021 Alisa Marie

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