Meet the Artist- Alisa Marie

Surviving by Designing

Crayon Artist – Designer - Poet - Survivor - Advocate

In 2013 my daughter showed me how to apply melting crayons to canvas while I was going through life changing events. This was the start of my artistic journey.  My struggles with brain injury, chronic illness and emotional pain have revealed my True Colors, enabling me to create intense works of art, even though I never went to art school.

My determination, courage and perservance helped me create and design a new life. We are not our life circumstances or a diagnosis a Doctor gives you. 

Art is therapy, where you can take the physical and emotional pain you feel and turn it into something beautiful and bright on the canvas. Several years later I adapted my techniques to jewelry, apparel, and home goods and started my company Alisa's True Colors. 

Alisa’s True Colors brings awareness and promotes healing and empowerment through her designs and what they represent. Its a way for others to show their true colors and not be ashamed of what you have been through or are going through. I created Awareness Designs in various colors to connect with the causes I am passionate about, such as traumatic brain injury (green), abuse (purple), breast cancer (pink), MS (orange), and many others. Please visit my website for a complete listing:

I empower others through radio interviews, events and my FaceBook Fan Page. I have been a guest on the Brain Injury Radio Network since 2017. 

A portion of the sales of my Awareness Designs goes to local organizations, such as The Brain Injury Association of NH, Haven NH, My Breast Cancer Support, SOS Recovery Centers in New Hampshire and MEDA, in Newton Massachusetts

Alisa Marie