Alisa Marie
Artist – Designer – Poet  

I believe that everyone has a story and deserves to be heard. My mission is to Empower you to find the strength to Overcome life’s challenges. Encourage you to keep pushing forward and Inspire you to share your story.
I am Alisa Marie the founder and owner of Alisa's True Colors Designs, LLC . 
There were moments in the past when I felt like giving up by what life had thrown at me but there was a light that kept shining even when I was in the dark. Broken and bruised my soul and spirit would not allow me to give up. I have been through hell and emerged from the abyss stronger and wiser.
When you wear my fine art collections of handcrafted jewelry and apparel, you're wearing more than just a piece of fine art. You are making a statement to yourself and others! It’s not only about self-expression but also self-love and healing.
Shine your Light and Color your World!
Love -Alisa Marie 
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