Alisa Marie - Encaustic Artist and Designer

"I love being an artist. It's not just the medium that I love, it's everything about it. It makes my soul happy! When I'm painting, I am in flow, my mind is at peace and I'm calm. The process of creating something from a blank canvas is so magical and satisfying. I can stay focused. It's my meditation. I'm surviving by designing."
Alisa Maire is a NH based self- taught artist and designer. She is skilled in Encaustics. She grew up in Peabody, Massachusetts, and has been a resident of New Hampshire for over 20 years. As a child she spent time at her Nana's ceramic studio and store, Ann’s Ceramic Studio in Peabody. Alisa grew up with many forms of art and music and comes from a long line of artists and entrepreneurs. She was introduced to melting wax in the form of crayons onto canvas ten years ago. At that time, it was a form of art therapy. Alisa loved this form of creativity and found it healing and soothing. She found it brought a purpose to her artwork, because it delivered healing and hope to others who viewed it. Her art has evolved and grown and now she creates abstract encaustic paintings. She has developed her own techniques and personal style in applying wax and other items to stretched canvas. Alisa’s brushless technique allows her to control the melted wax as it blends and blooms into a colorful burst. Alisa Marie became an entrepreneur by designing and opening her online art and gift store "Alisa’s True Colors ". She offers one-of-a-kind gifts, jewelry, framed prints, footwear, and apparel. Her work has been exhibited in The Art Center Dover, NH, and in local businesses throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She is a member of the Art Center in Dover NH and, the New Hampshire Art Association in Portsmouth, NH. Her art has now been seen all over the world and sold across the United States and Canada. Alisa Marie continues to discover and explore the world of color, and encaustic painting.