Alisa Marie - Encaustic Artist and Designer

Alisa Marie is a self-taught New Hampshire artist and designer specializing in abstract encaustic paintings. Alisa dove into the art world over ten years ago when she was introduced to melting wax onto canvas. Intertwining her passion for vibrant colors and color symbolism, her art has evolved and grown. She draws inspiration from the colors in memories, emotions, and nature.
Alisa combines her signature style with a brushless technique, allowing her to control the molten wax as it blends and blooms into colorful bursts. Alisa finds joy and healing in this relaxing form of expression. She enjoys sharing her artwork through her online business (, vendor events, and art galleries. She is a member of the Art Center in Dover and a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association in Portsmouth. 
Alisa is from Peabody, Massachusetts, and comes from a long line of artists and entrepreneurs. As a child, she grew up with many forms of art and music, including spending a significant amount of time with and learning from her Nana at her ceramic studio, Ann’s Ceramic Studio. In 2018, Alisa Marie opened her online business, Alisa’s True Colors, pairing her art with exclusive jewelry, footwear, and apparel designs. She also offers prints of her encaustic artwork. Her products are sold across the United States and Canada. When she is not designing, Alisa finds joy in cooking, writing poetry, singing, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Alisa Marie welcomes the opportunity to continue to discover, share and explore the world of color and encaustic painting.