About the Artist and Designer


A series of life changing events and traumas gave birth to True Colors.  In 2012, I sustained two devastating brain injuries back to back. While suffering from this injury, my husband began divorce proceedings, my house was in foreclosure, and I had to forcibly commit my child to keep her from committing suicide.  Much of what happened was lost to me, as the brain injury wasn't diagnosed until the following fall of 2013. Memory loss and depression were becoming a way of life, but little did I know that seeds were being planted to flower into “When the melting began collection”

After testing confirmed the brain injury, I began to see a glimmer of hope through a recovery community program at the Krempels Center  when they taught me how to accept the new me. These people helped me discover my creativity. My new normal is not what many people might consider normal, but it is awfully creative. 

I found that art and recovery are something of siblings - one helps the other grow. I began to play with Crayola crayons - using a hair dryer, I began melting them, and applied the molten wax to canvas. I found this to be a therapeutic process. Each color is melted and blended with others, into something completely new and unexpected. Each work is an entirely new creation, guided by chance, feelings, and intuition.

When I first began this process, it hadn't occurred to me that it was actually art.  Then something changed. Someone saw what I was doing and recognized that it was art. It wasn't just melted crayons on canvas, it was honest to goodness art.  With that validation, something within me shifted and I found a confidence and validation - I felt that I had a voice and something meaningful to contribute. I felt that I had a purpose. My purpose now is to use my art to help others heal.

Also, in 2016 I lost my home and all my personal belongings to black toxic mold exposure.  Which helped create the second collection “The Battle of Barrington”, I than moved into Cocheco Mills where I suffered another concussion, a bird mite infestation which produced “The Grind Collection”.

Since then, I have taken my paintings to another next level. I have turned designs from my work into Survivor pendants, scarves, totes and other fashion accessories. I sell these items at the Dover Art Walk, Nicole's Hallmark in Dover, Ebay, and on my website www.alisastruecolors.com.

Out of these traumatic events came a new career called Alisa's True Colors. When I focus on my art, I feel my emotions calming; I feel resentment and grief leaving, and I even feel my physical pain melting away into a pool of colored wax. My works are bright, vibrant, colorful and cheerful, and this is what I need.  People who see my art sometimes tell me how they see things in my art; how inspirational it is to see someone who is disabled, producing this kind of work. But the truth is that when I am creating, my disability becomes my ability.

My hope is to bring awareness and support for Brain Injury Survivors and their families, also for toxic mold and neurotoxicity awareness and education through my art and my products I have designed.



Thank you
Alisa Marie
Survivor of many colors


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