True Colors Awakens

True Colors Awakens

In October 2017 I had my very last MRI with contrast dye I will ever have in my life, My life has been changed forever because of MRI Contrast Dye I have had through the years. Contrast Dye is not just a dye like i thought, or my family at the time.  Its called Gadolinium its number 64 on the periodic table. The dye they use is a toxic heavy metal that you get injected with and are told it leaves your body in 48 hours. Tests confirmed that I retained the gadolinium months later.   I have been getting contrast since 1991, I put my puzzle pieces together when I saw Gena Norris's Story last November. I have been misdiagnosed, and misplaced. Been through hell in the medical community.  

Ironically this month I debuted my paintings at Sole City Dance in Somersworth NH and have been installed at The Inner Balance Pelvic Health & Wellness Center in Newington, NH.  Then in November my paintings and products were displayed at the Concussion Symposium at Wentworth Douglas Hospital in Dover NH.

I have learned we don’t need a superhero to save us, or make us happy.  We need to be our own hero and happiness comes from self love and self care. We also need to be our own advocate in the medical community. We can never stop seeking the answers or asking the questions why. 

We need to not be afraid to chase after our dreams.  And if one door closes keep looking for the open ones. We only live once this is not a dress rehearsal. 

I am learning happiness, calmness and patience. I am accepting the new me and learning new ways to adapt with my limitations.  I have let go of the past and my old ways of thinking of what I believed of myself.

I have gained wisdom, knowledge, self-confidence, and courage to look fear in the eyes, to truly know what it means to be a survivor, fighter, and to not give up; no matter how dark my world gets. I have learned to raise awareness and not be afraid to speak the truth in the medical community. 

I want to awaken others to their true colors by helping them accept their new life after trauma. To help them heal through art.