Collection: The Battle of Barrington 2015- 2016

Two months after moving into our new home my journey through toxic hell began.

Pushed into a wheelchair, but not this time from Post-Concussion Syndrome. I was dx with Viral Meningitis in March of 2015 and lost the ability to lift my legs. I rolled from clueless Doctor to clueless Doctor, ending up with 3 one-month long rehab stays within 18 months. I was misdiagnosed, misplaced, mislabeled and was falling through the cracks in the medical community.

Also in December 2015, a home movie screen tore loose from the ceiling and I suffered another concussion.

August 2016 I saw a wet spot near the floor in the hall. There was a leak from the shower head all these months I was in rehab.  I had a contractor come in to fix it but all he did was spread mold spores all over the house. After testing the air and walls of my home, black toxic mold was detected in August 2016.

I didn't know it than but my puzzle pieces of my health through the years of not knowing what was was wrong with me since 1999, were finally coming together which has caused a toxic explosion in my life. 

With Doctors orders to vacate my premises in November 2016, I lost my home and all the belongings in it. It truly is still the Battle of Barrington. 

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