12 X 18 or 24 X 36  inches. Slightly glossy, Fingerprint resistant ,Frame not included Red, Green, and Blue- True Colors Blooms By Alisa Marie;  For Autism Awareness

My True Colors Posters

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Inspiring poster to give you hope and encouragement!  Poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication and inspiration to any room.

  • 12 X 18 or 24 X 36  inches
  • 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
  • Slightly glossy
  • Fingerprint resistant 
  • Frame not included 


I’m tired, weary of speculations

I want to give up I never have.

Got darn close some of the times.

Just keep fighting, hold on don’t let the world beat you down.

You have people to prove wrong.

Do it for yourself do it for the people that love and care

Never stop seeking the answers, or asking the questions why.

Hold on to hope, believe in yourself, you will never know unless you try.

Follow your heart not your mind, the heart knows the answers, just listen and feel it deep down on the inside.

This is Your Life, Your Journey, Your Story. Not a dress rehearsal.

Find your passion in the tangled web of lies and deception. The hurt and the broken hearted, see the True Colors of who you are, not the others that have done you wrong.

Outsiders see you as weak, powerless, scared, afraid to speak, feels like you need to wear a disguise.

Hide your emotions, hide your pain. You want to escape, fly free to the sky.

Release the ball and chain that’s been holding you a hostage inside.  Take the weight off your shoulders and let it melt.

Goodbye black and white.  You were just the negatives in my life, time to make way for My True Colors.

Keep looking through the camera lens, once you have it focused you will see more clearly.  You will like the new you, it’s going to take time, patience and work.

A lot of tears you will cry, just try to smile on the days with dark skies.

All the pain and struggles you have suffered and endured have made you stronger, wiser, given you wisdom to know right from wrong.

You have been dragged through the mud for way too long, been walked on, beaten down.

It’s time to stand on your rock, take those people off those pedestals, they never deserved to be on them.

Get off that roller coaster of twists and turns, it’s your time to live the life you were meant to have; to love and to be loved.

Follow your dreams don't give them up, keep knocking at the door until it opens.

Walk right through and let the world see the New You!

© Alisa Marie, 06/16/16

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