True Chakra E'Scapa - Express Yourself

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Blue connects you with the Divine and it is the color that we associate with Heaven. Blue energy is pure, soothing, calming, and healing. Imagine yourself lying on the grass on a beautiful sunny day, looking at the blue sky. How do you feel? Peaceful. Serene. Content. Tranquil. That is the power of throat chakra color.

Blue is also at the cooler end of the spectrum, where things slow down, allowing you to take time to be still. And to listen to your own voice. To listen to the stillness within and to express what needs to be expressed.

In Buddhist philosophy, blue is the color of pure mind - the mind that is uncluttered by thought. In stillness, you can find pure mind. Blue energy is a guiding energy, enabling you to find a sense of faith and trust. Blue moves your attention to the subtle vibrations that move through all of life.

As you unfold the petals of your throat chakra, you find the seat of creativity. You communicate with ease and clarity. You begin to express your authentic self.

  • Big E'Scapa is   50" x 50"
  • Little E'scapa is 25" x 25"
  • Full print is visible on the front and reverse
  • Made from high quality poly voile and poly chiffon, this transparent scarf is extremely light and airy. 
  • E'scapas can be worn as a scarf, cape, bathing suit cover up, dress, shawl, skirt, halter top, lingerie, so many ways to wear it.
  • E'scapas can be displayed in your home as Curtains, Wall Hangings, TableCloths, etc. 
  • E'scapas give you hope, courage, and strength to never give up.  
  • Hand wash only. Do not dry clean or tumble dry
  • Matching Jewelry and Accessories are also available.