SERENITY PENDANT, One Day At A Time, Alisa's True Colors Survivor PENDANTS

Handmade Pendants

Sometimes it's hard to know what to say when you have a loved one or a friend enduring a chronic illness or a disability or going through a rough time.

My Jewelry Gift Sets are designed to love and support others . They are a great way to show you are trying to understand them and they are not alone.
Comes with a collector photo, a copy of My True Colors Poem on 4" x 6" white card stock.

Give as a gift or wear to show your support for a cause or in memory of a loved one. Or just buy it for yourself because you're a Survivor!

What you see displayed maybe slightly different than what you receive, as each is handmade to order. Each pendant is unique and one of a kind, no two are the same.

20% of your purchase for specific designs goes towards local organizations here in NH.

Designs "Brain Battle" & " Toxic" Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire

Designs "Purple Storm" and " Amethyst Dreams -HAVEN NH

Designs "Battle of Detox" & Freedom SOS Recovery Community Organization

Designs "Aloha" and "True Love "My Breast Cancer Support

Design. "Lost Emotions" MEDA