Purple Storm - Abuse

"Purple Storm" represents any kind of abuse you are going through or have survived. Powerful shades of purples and blacks, grays and white and a touch of silver. This design looks like a thunderstorm, cause the pain of abuse can cause your body to feel like a storm on the inside and outside, with all your emotions and pain flooding you at once .

This was my very first melting I ever did in 2013. This is from 'When the Melting Began Series'. When my younger daughter Emily enlightened me with art therapy by teaching me how to melt Crayola crayons with a blow dryer and a fork on my very first canvas, this is my very first painting. 

I didn't know it than, but the seeds of Alisa's True Colors were being planted to help me learn and adapt to the new me. I was creating my own ability out of my disability.