Alisa Marie Sneakers

💜Walk in to your local shoe store and you’ll be hard pressed to find a design as unique as this, in fact we know you won’t find them anywhere else. 💜These exceptional Sneakers are our pride and joy, and they’ll be yours as well.

💫™ Shine Your Light and Color Your World. 

When you wear these comfortable works of  Art🎨, I want you to feel 💜Empowered,💜Inspired 💜Encouraged. 

We all have a story, and all to often we keep it to ourselves, tying to fit into what society says is normal. 
  • Your story is Empowering and will bring healing to you and those who hear it.
  • Your story is Inspiring and will inspire others not to be ashamed of their stories.
  • Your story is Encouraging and will encourage others not to give up, and let them know they’ll be ok, and they're not alone.
Wear these boots Boldly and Proudly💪

Love ,
Alisa Marie