Purple Storm

About the Art

This particular piece of art came to life in 2013. This was my very first melting.  When I started melting the piece, I was in a emotional storm of fear, panic, anger, and sadness. My world was shattered. As I kept melting, I was able to focus and relax and I could see clouds of thunder, lightening and rain appear. The end result was a beautiful, powerful thunderstorm of bold colors and so, Purple Storm was born. The primary color of this fine art piece is Purple. Purple represents creativity, wisdom, bravery and independence.

When you wear this design I want you to remember you are brave and you have the courage within you to face the storms, and create a new life for yourself. Wear these comfortable works of art boldly and proudly.

Affirmation: I am brave, fearless, bold and strong. I have the courage to live my dreams.