When the Melting Began 2013

“Purple Storm”-Abuse, “Serenity”-  The Serenity Prayer, “Aloha”- Breast Cancer,” Believe”- Never stop believing, “Lost Emotions”- Eating Disorders, “Tears of Fire”- Multiple Sclerosis

My life was melting and like Dorothy, I was off on a journey & instead of meeting the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, & the Cowardly Lion, I got to meet betrayal,  grief and brain injury.

Then, instead of finding the wizard, I found me. I began melting colored wax. This was all I could focus on for a while, helping me as art therapy; where I could take physical and emotional pain and turn it into something colorful and bright. I didn’t know it than, but the seeds of Alisa's True Colors were being planted.